Coaching with John Kitchens | Focused and Growing Rapidly

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The Melton Team is licensed in the state of Virginia. Erin Melton is a licensed Associate Broker in the state of Virginia. Ryan Melton is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the state of Virginia.

Full transcript: Modified slightly, because it was way to embarrassing to post the original with all of the rambling we did. 

Bryant: I am Bryant Melton head of business development and the Melton Team and we're here today to talk about National Association of Expert Advisors and specifically coaching with John Kitchens. Who's this other lady we have here?
Erin: I'm Erin Melton Associate Broker with eXp Realty and one of the team leaders of the Melton Team and we just wanted to talk for a second about John and what we've done so far with our team.
Bryant: We've only been coaching with him probably now for about four months or so ... tell them a little bit about what has happened so far.
Erin: Well, we've been in the real estate business together for just shy of 20 years and so we've been through the highs and lows of the market. We have been around the block; we know what to do, however, it always seems that year after year good or bad, there always was that roller coaster. Always hitting those times of simply being at that plateau point. Not being able to get beyond that certain point and struggling and being frustrated. Since we've started coaching with John Kitchens, I don't know what it is, but having someone that really knows how to truly grow a business. How to structure it and keep you focused on a path of where you want to go, so you can take things to that next level. Really helping you redefine what success means for you and what success means for your team.
Bryant: It is not the same for everyone and we've definitely done coaching before. We've done it with probably every coaching company that's out there and they're all pretty much the same. Somebody is going to tell you here's what you need to do and you need to get on the phone you start talking to people and just keep picking up the phone and then next week why didn't you pick up the phone? you know why didn't you call enough people those sort of things. Coaching with John is something that's totally different this is how do you structure your business from the very beginning and then when you hit bottlenecks in your business and there's telltale signs of things are starting to bottleneck. What do you do about that, right? What are your next steps and those are the things that we never got to because we're just so busy with everything. We've been talking about it, and like, why is this different than everything we've ever done? We've read a lot of books, we've done a lot of self-help things, we've been around a lot of coaches, why is this so different? What was one of the things that we had talked about.
Erin: I would say one of the things we had spoken about that varied from being at other seminars and retreats and talking to other coaches; they are always telling you what to do next, but not necessarily putting you on a path. There is no vision to let you know you've reached level 2, level 3, level 4, etc. Being surrounded by people that really have been through it before. Being surrounded and networking and hearing stories and talking to other teams that are at the same level of production that you are business-wise or perhaps a little bit higher. Everyone is striving towards the same thing and having the same sort of growth issues. You're not alone. I think another thing that was really important is focusing and working on the present businessand making that priority one. In order for you to get past those plateaus and make your present better, your dream for the future has got to be BIG! That is priority number two.
Bryant: I think that has been a big thing for us to realize as a team. Instead of always just going into a plan and then just kind of realizing a little while later this isn't working. Turning around thinking I feel stupid that we've got to redo this again. Realizing that that is the proper way of doing a business plan. You set your plan up and then quarterly you need to be revisiting it and seeing if it needs to be revised. If there needs to be course correction ... that is the way it's supposed to be. I'd say that's a big difference, BIG difference, and I think something with our mindset before ... a lot of it was based on my ego. It's like you make a plan at the beginning of the year and you don't need to change anything, right? You just need to keep going. You need to keep executing the plan. At the end of the year, you've forgotten everything that you wrote down. You pick that sheet back up you look at it and you go like well we didn't do this this this or that ... we had like 10 things on there.
Erin: Exactly!
Bryant: And we didn't do any of it, right? Every single year. Now, it's like, no you're not dumb if you have to make changes continuously and if you have to look at things every single week then guess what, you have to look at things every single week. Sales and marketing is one of those things that you have to now look at every single week, whether you want to or not. That is a big big eye opener for me, is we don't know, I mean we were kids when we started out, right and we don't know how to build a business. We didn't come from corporate America. We're just doing the best we can and working hard to take care of our clients. You only get so far, until you burn out.
Erin: Another thing that was really important and I think that's really good as a team is realizing us as a couple, always working together ... we've always gotten along well, no matter what we've been doing, but we have hit our heads together on several different things. You coming from that more visionary sort mindset of always looking to the future and me being more focused upon the present. I'm focused on what needs to be done to put out fires. I think the important thing that we've really had those aha moments about, because of John, has been you focus on one thing for 90 days because if you're focusing on too many things you get burnt out and then you're not going to be finishing. That one thing that really needs to be done in order to take you to that next level. It's like, okay, we can we can handle that ... really being able to come together for once and really see eye to eye on it, gave us a singular vision.
Bryant: We know what the next step needs to be.
Erin: Absolutely!
Bryant: We look at each other, like we always do with everything. We kind of give each other a look, give each other a glance, right? We know what we're talking about. Other people don't know what we're talking about, but we do. The funniest thing is we now know exactly what the next step is. I don't have to say it. You don't have to say it. You know exactly what it is. We know that if we get to that 90-day point and it's not done, yeah, that's what we have to do for the next 90 days.
Erin: That's right!
Bryant: It doesn't change. You can't say "ah, you didn't do that one thing, so we'll just skip it.
Erin: Nice try.
Bryant: It's always going to be in front of you. We just did something called the Kitchen Table where we got everybody together, and I think it's all people that he coaches. Sitting and looking around the room, I think everybody at the very beginning, like you can tell how people are dressed and different things, that it's like they want to make sure that they aren't the the smallest fish in the room.
Erin: Exactly!
Bryant: It was funny to watch, day two, day three, everybody's in t-shirts.
Erin: Yeah.
Bryant: The people you thought were the richest people in the room or whatever, they're the most successful, well, not necessarily. Every single team in that room on a per agent basis was about the same and dealing with the exact same things.
Erin: I think that was nice to have that camaraderie with people for once that it isn't your immediate ... you know people you might get along with or agents that you work with on a regular basis but you're all in the same office or you're still all working in the same area and there's that natural competition. It's always there, unfortunately. It was great to be networking with people from all over the country in different areas that they're selling but they're all using the same systems the same procedures. The same way of treating their business and seeing that you really can pick it up, replicate it anywhere, no matter what the market is. It is empowering to have other people in the same shoes as me, but that's not seen as a weakness. It's strength. It's how you grow and it's how you get better. You focus on the important things, which is being successful for your team and more importantly, being successful at helping your clients. Being better with your family. Achieving your goals and helping other people on your team or your network achieve their goals of working towards financial freedom. That is something I can really wrap my arms around.
Bryant: So now we know the why of how we got here. It's only been four months and we've only been really implementing things for about two months, right? What really has happened, just off the top of your head, in the past two months, sales wise.
Erin: After 20 years of having good months, having good years ... in November of 2020, we had the best month ever. That is in the middle of a pandemic. That is in November. That is during an election year.
Bryant: Other team members are also having a lot of success.
Erin: Exactly, exactly. The exciting thing about other team members having that success would be, even in the midst of us having our best month ever, and being really busy, still having that ability to guide them and to help them through. We finally have the tips and the the guidance and the path to follow. It isn't us just throwing out ideas from our experience it is replicateable.
Bryant: Yeah, proven, repeatable systems.
Erin: There you go! There you go! that's the thing it's proven systems they're repeatable and they're scalable and you can do them anywhere in the country and they're the same results.
Bryant: Yep, anywhere in the country.
Bryant: That is a very very powerful thing because a lot of times you'll start something and two months later you're like well this stinks I don't want to do this anymore if it's not working. Now you have people that have done the exact same thing for eight, nine, ten months, eighteen months, right? They have given you the results that they've had and you go, okay, well we're where you were at two months, so now we don't need to quit.
Erin: We don't need to quit.
Bryant: It's all about consistency it's continuing towards things. That's a very powerful thing to realize. When you have that uncertainty, it creates stress. What you don't know you don't know, right? When the only people that you have to bounce ideas off of are people that are not rubbing shoulders with you and people that are not where you're at in your business.
Erin: Not striving towards something that you're striving towards. as well or have that general will mentality Bryant: When you're with those sorts of people though what are you gonna do? I mean you're gonna bounce ideas off of somebody that has a goal of 20 sales for the year?
Erin: Right!
Bryant: Like that does nothing for us. When we want to do 20 in a month, right? It's big time to be able to talk to people that do 50 in a month, right, or 60 in a month, or there were people at the table that do about 100 deals in a quarter. It's a really powerful thing to be able to look at people and see, their margins are exactly the same as ours. There is nothing different about what they do. There's nothing different about the results that they get. You're able to talk to people that have been doing it for a lot longer in that specific system.
Erin: Absolutely. You realize, you truly are working towards the right thing and the way that you've been doing things with these little tweaks and realizing it's just that consistency and keeping focused in that and taking a lot of hats off of your head that you may have been wearing and focusing more on those high dollar producing items that are in your wheelhouse of what you are truly what you are truly brilliant at. It's where you're passionate. It's where you're going to excel, because it is your natural tendencies towards things and leaving those other things that are really important to other people. It opens up best months ever in November, in the middle of a pandemic, after 20 years.
Bryant: Just to give like a little bit of perspective, for November, we had 23 team sales which has never happened.
Erin: No, not in a quarter
Bryant: Has probably happened in a good four months, maybe, right but definitely not in one month.
Erin: In one month.
Bryant: For you specifically, which is always the superstar. You had 14 sales by yourself.
Erin: Right, which is pretty awesome.
Bryant: Yep that's very awesome.
Erin: That feels good.
Bryant: It feels really good.
Erin: It feels good.
Bryant: I don't know about you but it feels so good to me to not have to sit and worry, and have bad dreams and stay up at night, thinking, "are we doing the right things?"
Erin: Right.
Bryant: Are we doing the right things in the right order? Do we know that these things are going to work or are we just kind of stabbing at stuff? We don't ever have to guess about that because we know exactly what works and what doesn't. We know we're doing the right things and we know we're doing it in the right order.
Erin: We know that if we don't hit certain goals within a certain amount of time you just keep on working. We at least have that plan and focus, based completely on our core values. This is our why this is what we are always working towards. You know what each person brings to the team. It is extremely empowering to know you are on the right path. You keep on doing what you're doing because you're using a proven, repeatable system.
Bryant: There you go.
Erin: Yes! [high-five]

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