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Are there going to be more homes to buy this year?

Are There Going to Be More Homes to Buy This Year?

Are There Going to Be More Homes to Buy This Year? | MyKCM

If you’re looking for a home to purchase right now and having trouble finding one, you’re not alone. At a time like this when there are so ...

Client Benefits in a Home Sale: Always Find Ways to Add More Value!

We are always looking for way to add massive value to our client services!

Real Estate Agents (the good ones) always want to add more value to their service. Unfortunately, even the most successful agents have ups and downs throughout the year. 40 years ago, agents and teams would never spend a dime on marketing and advertising, but the 100% franchise models changed all of that. Consumers still have the false perception that a big office takes care of the costs associated with the sale of the home, but agents know that just is not the case, ever! It falls on the agent as a way for them to maximize their profitability. Now that there is a new platform to run your real estate business, the franchise models will slowly (or not so slowly) start to disappear. It won't be a sustainable model anymore and certainly can't compete with the likes of eXp...