Real Estate Social Distancing Checklist

Social distancing is everyone's responsibility. Realtors are in contact with so many people on a daily basis and this is inevitably a difficult time. It has been really refreshing to see how creative we all can be when we have to. We're all in this together, let's learn from each other and come back better than ever.

Here is what we've done during this time to try and adapt to this new reality. 

1. Cloud Brokerage - Completely on accident, but totally the right time, we left a company we really liked; RE/MAX Peninsula. Even more than the RE/MAX brand, we loved the owners, managing brokers and fellow agents we worked with. It was one of the hardest personal decisions, but the easiest business decision we've ever had to make. Having a cloud brokerage at eXp Realty has been nothing short of amazing. We still have national, state, local and private meetings as well as classes and business building activities available every, single day. There is no comparison in the real estate industry. NONE. 

2. Nationwide Networking Group - The Melton Team joined eXp Realty with a sponsorship from Jay Kinder, co-author of the Miracle Morning. Jay, together with Michael Reese and Al Stasek, moved the National Association of Expert Advisors over to eXp Realty to be able to offer their coaching program at no cost to their sponsored agents. This was/is the most expensive and highest producing real estate coaching program (per agent) in the United States. Why would they now offer it for free? The answer is simple and economical. eXp's revenue share and stock option programs are unduplicated, unmatched and changing the lives of all of their agents. It's one big fire! We all benefit from each other's success. No other company in the world can afford to do this. It would simply bankrupt the entire company. Our networking, training, mentorship, coaching and collaboration are truly on another level. We've never seen anything even remotely close and we have participated in every coaching program under the sun. Our group is called the Honey Badger Nation powered by eXp Realty.

3.  Adaptability - You either adapt in the real estate business, or you don't survive, it's really that simple. So far, we've thrived. Our business in this economic downturn is up 30% from this time last year. I would imagine it would be about 50% lower if we had not made the difficult decision to make a change. 

4. Transportation - We've been fortunate enough to be very successful and have better clients than we could ever ask for. This gave us the opportunity to purchase a Tesla Model S in 2017. Not only does it drive itself, it also has Bioweapon Defense Mode with a two part Hepa-filter built in. Nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out!

5. Virtual Appointments - Already built in to eXp Realty is the ability to have virtual appointments. List appointments, buyer counseling, writing an offer, contract negotiation, etc can all easily be done at a super high level within the eXp system. There are programs like Zoom and Facetime to try and adapt to our current reality. However, if you stacked them up against the tools we have it would be like comparing a bicycle to a motorcycle. They both have two wheels, handlebars and a seat. What else? eXp Realty is built for a changing world. Adding over 6,000 agents in the last 3 months is no coincidence. I'd imagine it will double or triple in the next few months. 

6. Virtual Staging and Virtual Tours - We are working diligently to bring these services to our clients as quickly as possible. In the meantime , we'll be hiring it out to other companies to complete. Our new equipment is backordered until the end of May, but we will be ready to roll when it arrives.

7. Personal Protective Equipment - Fortunately, we had purchased medical grade masks and gloves for woodworking projects in bulk a couple years ago. We also ordered more as soon as we thought there may be a possibility to help others. We have a small amount we've kept to use ourselves, but the best part is we have enough to share with some of our past clients and friends that are doctors and nurses. It isn't nearly enough and I wish we had more, but I'm glad we could contribute a tiny amount where they're needed most. 

The overall message here is do whatever you can for your most precious asset; your clients, friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. You can replace everything else, but you can't replace them. We're fortunate enough to have the very best people around us and want to do everything we can to protect them! 

I hope everyone stays safe out there! Real estate is still selling and we're perfectly suited to help anyone you know that needs to buy or sell a home. We're all in this together. Let's work together to make this a great year when it's all said and done!

If you'd like to learn more about life at eXp Realty, please contact us! We would love to help you understand this amazing agent-owned company!

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