The Growth of eXp Realty Cannot Be Ignored

Some start up companies come and go and some change the landscape of their industry forever! eXp Realty is doing the latter.

You cannot be a logical person within the real estate industry and ignore the growth of eXp Realty. Some of the absolute biggest names in real estate have moved to eXp Realty.

The Melton Team's upline and mentors include:
Brent Gove, Gene Frederick, Jay Kinder, Michael Reese, Al Stasek, Keven Schumacher, Andrew Gaydosh, Carlos German, Mark Z, Mike Wall, Kyle Whissle, Curtis Johnson, Rowena Patton and more.

Do a little research on Google and see if you've ever had a mentor like the people mentioned above. Imagine having access to ALL of them! We do, and you can too!

Here are the Top 10 reasons realtors are joining eXp Realty

The flood gates have opened and once you understand the business model you'd be a fool to stick with what you're used to or comfortable with. The game has changed. The pushback will be strong, just like it was with Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Tesla and Air B&B. Make no mistake; the eXp business model is not similar; it is not the same; it is new and will change the real estate landscape forever! Could all of the biggest names in real estate be wrong? 

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